1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I just bought a BB Classic and everything is fine and dandy, except being unable to download apps from BB World. Unable to download means that I touch the download button, it get's greyed out, then nothing.

    What I did / checked by so far:

    - updated to the latest BB OS version
    - restarted the phone
    - made sure to enable wifi for large file download
    - parental controls is not set (at least I didn't do so)

    It's very strange, since it seems like the BB World is hanging in some manner. I am also unable to access the updates menu for BB World (hangs at the loading text) as well as not being able to access the payment menu. Again, hangs at the loading text.

    Any help is appreciated!
    07-27-16 11:09 AM
  2. goku_vegeta's Avatar
    Have you checked the BlackBerry ID associated with the device? Head into settings, then BlackBerry ID and check to see if your BlackBerry ID is signed in.
    07-31-16 04:20 PM

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