1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I was under the impression that you could get amazon netflix on the passport but I am unable to
    11-19-14 10:58 AM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    You either need to install the Amazon App Store on your device, then you can go into the Amazon Playstore and install the Netflix app. This what I did on my Z30...
    Go here for this option: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j...80120444,d.aWw
    You can install SNAP, and then load the Netflix app.
    Go here for that option: How to use Snap on BlackBerry 10 to install Android APK files | CrackBerry.com
    11-19-14 11:33 AM
  3. ymb's Avatar
    This what I did on my Z30...
    Even though it works on the z30 it doesn't work on passport amazon blocked it or something like that but you could still get it from snap

    11-19-14 09:27 PM
  4. johnniemo's Avatar
    Just google 'netflix apk' and download it. I do this for all sorts of apps and they always work. I literally added netflix 30 min ago.

    Sent from my Passport using Tapatalk
    11-19-14 10:07 PM

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