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    I've thinking of asking for an unlocked BB Priv for my 30th birthday. I live in the UK, but for the next year (at least) I'm living in Japan. I have a nano sim card out here, which works fine with my current Samsung A3. I just want to check before I request one that there's no known reason why a UK phone wouldn't work with a Japanese sim card out here? I assume it's also possible to download various kana if I need it later?

    I used to have the Q10, and loved the BB hub, and so many other things, but missed access to google play, so I've finally got the chance to go back to BB, but I want to know it won't be a waste of money, as the Priv to buy outright (I dislike contracts) is pretty expensive.

    Kind regards,
    04-19-17 09:15 AM
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    You're asking a broad question as 'Japan' has many carriers... which are you going to be using? Easier to just look on here.

    WillMyPhoneWork.net - Check if your phone works on a network
    04-19-17 10:14 AM

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