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    Just got a DETEK 50 on my desk and still unopened? Since I have 2 Q5 and a Z30 - I really like that I can use the Z30 with an HDMI monitor & bluetooth keyboard & mouse. I just have to plug the micro HDMI cable & pair kbd/mouse and can use the Z30 with all of the apps.

    My question: will I get the same experience with the DETEK 50 and Chromecast?
    What about a usb to HDMI cable instead? Any suggestions?

    Would appreciate any comments or feedback from DETEK 50/60 users.
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    12-03-16 04:01 PM
  2. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    There will be considerable lag between the dtek and the chromecast, but it should be usable to an extent
    12-03-16 04:32 PM
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    Thanks - what about a cable solution. Would an USB to HDMI do the trick?
    Would the DTEK 50 support this cable solution?
    12-04-16 03:10 PM