1. baacinka's Avatar
    1. I ma going to ask again. Am I really the only one, whoe cannot download the update file from bb official website due to "infinite loop" or do the update via BB link due to "download error" (which I suspect is one and the same problem)

    2. When we are unable to update due to many issues, people recommend to do the security wipe. I really dont want to do it. First, will I be able to recover ALL my data ater the wipe, if I had backed them up (messages, calendar, notes, app data - esp. android apps data)???
    + does the update (OTA or via link) wipe my data as well or just keeps them and installs the update?
    (Im really confused, since people dont seem to be much worried about losing data when wiping their phone and installing the update I got the notion that it is just a normal procedure to wipe your phone, but 10.3 is a bit different though so how do I know that the restore will be complete - esp. with the android apps data)

    3. Lot of people reported many bugs in th OS - I have not read about them in the threads about leaked OS - so that one is without bugs?
    And do the people who had wiped their phone before the update report the bugs as well?
    02-26-15 06:55 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    If you want to update your phone to the official OS go here to download the file your need:

    Download the file you need, make a backup of your phone (it will wipe it clean), unzip the file you downloaded, close Link, cable to your PC and click the exe. When you are done you can restore the backup you made and not lose any data.
    02-26-15 11:37 AM

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