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    I've setup a Blackberry Classic using BES12. It is now synchronizing fine with the corporate account. However, it doesn't seem to have picked up any of the Personally created distribution lists in Outlook. Is there a way round this? I have looked around and it seems that EAS does not send Distribution Lists to the device. Is there a workaround? Can't this be forced?
    04-06-17 09:06 AM
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    I have tried this before without any success. It is a feature I would have loved to have had too.
    Maybe some ideas will start flowing from the community.
    04-06-17 10:26 AM
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    Personal DL's are stored only in your specific install of Outlook as opposed to syncing to your Exchange account. The other issue is that your handset won't recognise the group since it's not a true distribution list, which is its own email address that forwards messages to the members of the group.

    Your only realistic option is to create a contact group on the handset with the same members as your Outlook groups and use that to send from the handset. Some people may suggest trying an Outlook sync, but that's a dead feature left from the POP email days and newer versions of Outlook have removed some of the components used for the feature.

    Posted via CB10
    04-08-17 06:18 AM

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