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    I live in China. So, it is a Google free zone. Unfortunately, I use Google Apps and Gmail to bring together all my work and personal email accounts and have done for some time. This was fine on my BB9900 as the emails were 'pushed' to me from foreign servers (BIS) and I could send and receive without a VPN.

    However, I recently upgraded to a Passport and found that this no longer is possible - due to the removal of the BIS requirement for BB10, I believe.

    This may be good from the financial standpoint that for BB10 I now don't have to pay 18$USD per month for the BB Lite BIS plan from China Mobile on top of their network fees, but from a productivity perspective it is horrible as it means I can no longer receive my emails on the go - as my Passport can't access the Google server without a VPN to 'pull' my emails over.

    Is their any workaround for this that can preclude me using a VPN on my BB but allow me to continually receive my emails as they come in?
    06-25-15 07:26 AM

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