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    Been using Cobalt's patched version of BBM for a long while now. Recently it seems they have changed something that prevented the patched version of BBM to log in. Patching was possible using Cobalt's "BlackBerry Manager", but it currently no longer supports BBM due to this. Obviously not putting any blame on Cobalt here.

    I'd like to switch back to the regular version of BBM, without losing all my chat history. Would this even be possible at all? I have tried:
    1. Creating a local back-up of BBM's chat history with the built-in feature and finding that data. I cannot locate where it is saved and I probably need root acces for it.
    2. Installing the APK of the latest BBM from PlayStore, but it fails to install.

    Thinking of using a 3rd party back-up tool/app that can back-up and restore the data. I'm worried something like the app signature might be different which will cause it to fail to load the data after restoring it or something. Not even sure if it's possible to restore an app's data at all, without restoring the app itself.

    Any thoughts/tips guys?
    10-24-18 07:05 AM
  2. mitfry's Avatar
    Not even a single reply guys? No1 has a clue about how this would work out?
    11-04-18 10:17 AM
  3. mitfry's Avatar
    Anyone? ;(
    12-03-18 07:20 AM
  4. Ragbert's Avatar
    Which phone/model do you have? Why would you have needed to patch BBM in the first place? It was on every BlackBerry device as soon as you registered your BBID.

    Posted with my Classic, SQC100-3/
    12-07-18 08:22 AM
  5. mitfry's Avatar
    I'm using a Galaxy S8. Cobalt made a patching app to make the BlackBerry apps ad-free and to allow us to install all apps on any phone. For example; the keyboard app.
    12-12-18 03:44 AM
  6. Ragbert's Avatar
    You may have to ask Cobalt directly, then. Most of the Cobalt users I've seen in these forums use it to patch the Google Playstore and Android apps for use on a BB10 phone.

    I'm using a Galaxy S8. Cobalt made a patching app to make the BlackBerry apps ad-free and to allow us to install all apps on any phone. For example; the keyboard app.

    Posted with my Classic, SQC100-3/
    12-12-18 08:16 AM
  7. mitfry's Avatar
    Nah, you're talking about some of Cobalt's other work. He did indeed make a script to convert apk to bars, but that's a long time ago. I'm talking about this:

    And I already reached out to Cobalt through an issue on the github page. So did others. See:

    He's just not providing us with updates on the matter at this point. If there even are any
    12-14-18 07:47 AM
  8. mitfry's Avatar
    By posting on these forums I just hoped to find out whether switching to the regular BBM is possible. I have quite some chat history that I cannot lose. Maybe someone else is able to try and see if any data is kept or can otherwise be restored? Even being able to export my chat history would be acceptable now.
    12-14-18 07:49 AM
  9. mitfry's Avatar
    I might have the answer already....
    The note says: "You cannot restore chats that are lost when you migrate devices or reinstall BBM."

    Well.. then only 1 option remains. Export the chats somehow.
    12-14-18 07:53 AM

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