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    Dear CrackBerry-people,
    After 8 years (give or take) with iPhone I decided to go for Blackberry Passport. I love the phone. But I have problems syncing my addressbook from my mac (or my old phone).
    I tried Device Switch between the iPhone and Passport. It goes through all the steps but ends the attempt with an eternal "Recieving contact info"-loop where nothing happens. Iʼve tried installing and de-installing, shutting down and starting up both phones without luck. Heres the thing: I have 2007 contacts. Could that be a problem? There are not that many problems syncing the calendars.
    I have desktop for blackberry but it just asks me to connect the device with the mac via usb. I cannot do anything. As far as as I can tell. But at the same time there are no difficulties connecting to Blackberry Blend via USB. I have used two different cables, one that came with the Passport another that I have used for some time now. Both of these show no problems in other contexts.
    any suggestions?
    02-02-15 08:00 AM
  2. ccobas22's Avatar
    I switched from an iPhone too what I did was set up the ICloud email account and when the phone asked I checked the options for contacts and calendar and it worked just fine that's how I'm using it now
    Can I get some help syncing my BlackBerry Passport to a Mac computer (addressbook)?-img_20150202_092242.png

    Posted via CB10
    02-02-15 08:23 AM

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