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    I have been struggling with synchronisation of my Contacts and Calendar for
    the last 2 days. I have spent SO much time on this and have tried
    everything, from backing up and re-installing the software on my 9720, to
    deleting and re-creating my email address on my Blackberry many,many times,
    etc, etc

    This is the first time since I've owned a Blackberry that I've received
    these messages from Blackberry Internet Service saying Action Required:
    Contacts or Calendar synchronisation has stopped. I've followed all the
    steps in the emails but nothing has resolved the problem. This is also the
    first time that I've received messages saying that gmail authorisation is
    required when re-creating my email address.

    I've called my local network carrier a few times and have been down to my
    local cellphone shop, but nobody can help me.

    Contacts seem to be synchronising on and off, although I've ended up with
    duplicate, triplicate, etc Contacts and have had to manually delete the
    repetitions. Some Contact edits have also been lost. However, nothing is
    happening with my Calendar at all. I deleted all the entries in my
    Blackberry Calendar, hoping that this may help, but it remains blank

    I've checked the Web 4425and there are other
    people experiencing the same problem.
    Looking forward to a resolution soon!
    01-15-15 09:09 AM
  2. blaisealphanso's Avatar

    Took my BlackBerry Q10 mess the contacts up a day or 2. Took me around 4 - 5 hours, after months of procrastination to fix this.

    BlackBerry Link installed on desktop.
    Outlook/ or any other mail client. (I did all steps in the MS Office suite)
    Excel / or something similar.
    Ample time and patience.

    1. Delete your existing contacts on Outlook (if these are your BlackBerry contacts synced, otherwise, please don't)
    2. Sync your BlackBerry contacts to Outlook contacts, through a 1 way sync to computer (and 'Use the information from my device' option selected - in BlackBerry link, under contact, in Sync setting/ relationship)
    3. Export your contacts to excel, post sync completion.
    4. Ensure all cells containing phone numbers are formatted as 'text' and not 'numbers.'
    5. Save this file as a .csv
    6. Wipe your phone. While setting up an email/ FB/ twitter etc, uncheck the option which will say either 'sync contacts' or 'find friends'
    7. Here is the tricky part, so it is upto you how you want to proceed.
    a. Import the updated contact list back to Outlook. And then sync it with your phone, through again a 1 way sync, this time from computer to device. (Issue with this option is that the numbers come without the '+' sign before the international code and will mess up your WhatsApp contact list)
    b. Import you contact list to email provider like Gmail. Sync them to your device once you have set this email up. This will not impact your WhatsApp. Now, I didn't care much for my Gmail contacts, so I deleted all my contacts there. How you would want to manage this is upto you.
    8. In the contact application, uncheck all accounts, whose contacts you don't want to see.
    9. Whenever you are saving a new contact, ensure you swipe down. You will get an option where do you want to save the contact. By default, it will save everywhere, creating the duplicate contacts. Uncheck all, but the one account where you want to save it.

    I had around 500 - 700 contacts, depending on what was synced by what. Now, I have my actual contact list 242. If I switch on the FB contact list, it goes up.

    Finally, I have a contact list that is actually under my control.

    Hope this helps.


    Posted via CB10
    01-18-15 02:54 AM
  3. jerybis's Avatar
    What you omitted in your title and your description is that you are talking about Google calendar and contacts synchronisation for a legacy device (under OS 7.1 or ealier)

    Please refer to the following thread :
    Google calendar not synching - Page 5 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    01-18-15 04:49 PM

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