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    Hi, I hope someone can help. Since updating to 10.3.1 I have encountered some seriously frustrating issues with my phone. Hope someone might help. Im using Z10 (STL100-1), OS

    1. My hub stops working. So I get messages, but nothing appears in my hub, no vibrations, flashing LEDs, no notification. The only way I know I have received a bbm is if I open bbm and then I see all my unread messages. I have restarted, battery pulled, restarted, etc and eventually its fine. It might work for a day or 2 and then without me knowing, it stops working. Anyone had this?

    2. Timer doesn't work. I go in to timer (Countdown timer) and everything is there, but the buttons are greyed out and I can't click on anything.

    3. I cant save or edit any contacts. Obviously very frustrating, I add a new contact, fill in all the details and the save button doesn't work. Actually nothing works, I can't add a field, I can't even cancel.

    Seems there is something seriously wrong with my phone. Anyone got any advice?

    04-10-15 01:23 AM
  2. baarn's Avatar
    I would suggest doing a backup of your phone with Link (and maybe another copy of the important stuff manually outside of Link) and then reloading your OS (again using Link) . When you restore from your Link backup, don't restore the device settings, manually reconfigure the device. Yes, it is a hassle, but there seems to be a consensus here that under some circumstances restoring device settings can cause more problems than the time you save.
    04-10-15 07:20 AM
  3. rnsaza's Avatar
    Time to look for a 3rd party timer app, is BlackBerry 10 rotting from the inside out like BBOS?

    The timer stops working so the entire device must be wiped and reinstalled? I thought that QNX compartmentalised problems without influencing the entire OS. How does a broken timer force the entire OS to be reloaded and will this be a guaranteed fix?

    Sometimes its the little things that irritate the most.
    04-26-15 12:54 PM
  4. Paul Callahan's Avatar
    What all apps do you have installed on your phone? (Don't answer that)
    You need to go through and analyze that first.. Maybe a 3rd Party app is to blame.. It's still taking a risk installing all these android apps with full permissions.. makes me wonder if we all should really start using that anti-malware software that is for sale in BBW..

    Posted via CB10
    04-26-15 09:26 PM

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