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    I hope someone can help me. I am not a heavy mobile phone user but I do need to check email a couple of times a day for work. I have a Nokia C201 which works perfectly well and does basic internet searches but the email function has just been discontinued (thanks a lot!). I would like to continue using that phone for texts and calls while it still works, but am considering getting a Blackberry just for emails. When my current phone finally gives up the ghost I'd then use the Blackberry all the time. I'm confused about the charge for activating the internet though - does that mean I am paying a monthly amount before I've even used any credit? I was hoping to just leave 10 or 20 credit on there and that would last me several months, not use up the credit just to activate the function I need. Can I use Blackberry in the way I'm intending or should I forget the whole idea? I'm on Three PAYG with my current phone. Would I be best getting an unlocked sim-free Blackberry and a separate PAYG sim? Someone recommended Giffgaff to me - any thoughts? Help!
    03-30-15 05:27 AM

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