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    Hi CB experts, I'm new to BES and need some help. I've inherited a BES 10.2.1 environment with roughly 20 BES 10 devices & users are from a law office.
    I'm looking to install the MR5 so that I can then do a migration to BES 12. So my question is about the MR5 installation, specifically, when I run the setup will there be any downtime experienced by the end users? And if so, is there a rough estimate to how long there will be downtime? I'm new to BES but from what I can determine users shouldn't experience any downtime as BES is used to manage the devices/users, so they should still be able to send/receive but obviously I couldn't add or modify devices/users etc. Is my thinking correct or I am off-base, certainly wouldn't be the first time!
    Thanks for any help, guidance or support you can offer!
    03-25-15 05:55 PM
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    Good question and you're oon the right path. I've not done that specific upgrade myself but I have upgraded BES 10 on exchange 2007 a few times over the past year. You are correct that there should be no impact to users in terms of email/calendar/PIN/contacts updates etc. You'll likely need to restart some BES services which only impacts admin's ability to add new users and manage devices which is probably measured in under 10 minutes. Hopes that helps! Good luck
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    03-25-15 09:51 PM

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