1. FFWest's Avatar
    I have an unlocked BB Priv. Is it better to purchase a plan in Canada for Portugal or get a sim in Portugal? I need data\talk\text
    03-10-18 12:52 PM
  2. IvanTheTolerable's Avatar
    Where do you live? If you live in Portugal why would you even think of a Canadian plan? We pay one of the highest rates in the western world.
    03-10-18 02:26 PM
  3. FFWest's Avatar
    I am travelling to Portugal.
    Rico4you likes this.
    03-12-18 08:09 AM
  4. IvanTheTolerable's Avatar
    Depending on how long you're going there you should get a Portuguese one.
    Rico4you likes this.
    03-12-18 08:52 AM

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