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    I have about 200 local contacts and about 2500 Facebook contacts on my BlackBerry Classic. Apps like "InTouchApp Contacts" and "ConatctsImEx" on BlackBerry World only backup/export the local contacts, not the Facebook contacts. The app "Contact Backup" by ZX Techno on BlackBerry World explicitly says that it backups contacts from all lists, not just the local contacts. But it crashes upon startup and so does not work at all.

    I have tried most (if not all) of the free contacts backup apps on BlackBerry World and they all seem to only backup the local contacts. I would be happy to pay for a paid app that actually exports the Facebook contacts, but I can't tell whether any does from the description. Has anyone tried a paid app and can verify that it will export the Facebook contacts as well?
    07-13-16 03:22 AM

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