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    I have the blackberry passport which came already with I'm using it with T-Mobile. I understand that t-mobile doesn't support BB anymore. When I connect with blackberry link it tells me "Your blackberry has the latest available device software". But under software version it shows does this mean I'm ready for an update? Because if yes there's no button or anything to click to start the update.

    Any help/clarification would be great.....Thanks.
    10-20-14 05:59 PM
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    Software Release is OS version The SR version is the package of OS & radio file combined.

    Swipe down from top of screen with two fingers to open Quick Settings and select Settings. Scroll to bottom and select About. Tap Category dropdown bar and select OS and you can see the different version numbers for what you already have.

    A little confusing for sure!

    I'm closing this thread, but please join an existing discussion on this topic here:
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    10-20-14 06:06 PM

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