1. afifamjadalwi's Avatar
    I'm using Z10. Sometimes when I want to use camera. It pops up 'Camera can't be started'. Anybody has same problem? How to fix this? Really appreciate any response. Thank you

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    07-13-15 08:11 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Sometimes other Android apps, if any are installed can interfere with the camera and cause that error. Other issues are that it might be the OS itself... or the device itself.. If you have no Android apps installed and can rule them out, then the next step to consider would be reloading of your OS. If it persists beyond that, it's likely a hardware issue and you would need to look at replacement / repair.
    07-13-15 08:28 PM
  3. afifamjadalwi's Avatar
    I have no android apps in my Z10. Move to next consideration, how to reload my OS? Btw, thanks for your feedback =)

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    07-13-15 08:53 PM
  4. Drazy005's Avatar
    I had this same problem with my BlackBerry Q5 too & I'd like to share how I was able to solve it.
    Don't worry even if you are not a techie yourself coz the steps are pretty straightforward. But before we start I'd like to correct the wrong impression that THE Q5 BATTERY CANT BE REMOVED. It can though not easily..Proceed at your own risk:
    1.)Power down your phone completely...COMPLETELY!
    2)Using a pry tool (...or a FLAT-head screwdrive), start seperating the Q5 back case from the main body at the mini-usb(charging) port. Work your way gently around the edges. The edge bearing the volume keys might not easily give at first. Don't force it. Just gently manoeuver the back casing untill it completely comes off. (I prefer opening this side last)
    3)Now that you have the back cover removed You'll find a couple of screws waiting to be removed. Get your precision tool kit ready and start removing them one after the other noting where each goes(I guess they're all identical...six in all). With the screws gone lift the two plastic parts housing the earpiece port above and the speaker below..and there you go...the elusive 'non-removable' battery!.
    4)Don't just yank it off though, gently disconnect the flat ribbon connecting the battery to the main board using preferably a non-conducting flat tool, a tooth pick etc) Avoid metal tools to mitigate the risk of shorting components on the main board)
    5)Locate the camera unit at the top of the board. It's held in place by two larger screws. Here again select the appropriate screw driver from your precision tool-set.
    6)With the two screws gone, go ahead and gently lift the camera unit off the board with a non-conducting tool as described earlier, You can decide to clean the connectors if you like...)
    7)Replace the camera unit and replace the screws making them as tight as possible until they don't turn anymore.(Be careful when doing this especially when replacing the camera unit. The connectors must be properly aligned and locked in place)
    8)Using the disassembly guide, reassaemble the phone and power it on. Leave it awhile after booting, 3 mins is okay, then try starting the camera app again. It should start right up.If it delays a little, don't panic just WAIT. If it shows an initial flash error, ignore it and continue enjoying ur camera.
    01-04-16 01:28 AM

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