1. canadian nick's Avatar
    Anyone else getting a calls isn't responding error message in the hub? Or know how to fix it


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    08-24-14 10:07 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    you might need to load a new radio, check the 1052 forum i think there listed on the second post.
    08-24-14 10:10 PM
  3. pmccartney's Avatar
    I'm with Bell and this message just appeared in the top of my Z30 Hub as well. It took 3 days before it showed up.
    The phone still sends and receives calls as well as having a +50mbps mobile download speed.
    I don't notice any negative impact on the device.
    Just the annoyance of seeing the blue bar with the warning.

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    08-25-14 07:25 AM
  4. canadian nick's Avatar
    I reloaded the is from the autoloader and it went away but it's only been a few hours. Hope it doesn't come back it's like you said doesn't hurt anything just annoying.

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    08-25-14 07:42 AM
  5. canadian nick's Avatar
    Also on Bell Canada

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    08-25-14 07:42 AM
  6. pmccartney's Avatar
    I should have mentioned that I also used the non Verizon autoloader.
    Everything's working great. Most features are a little better than when I was on 10.2.2.#.

    I got rid of the 'calls isn't responding' message in the hub

    - first i quickly removed all of the apps from the phone that I could, as I find that a security wipe goes much quicker,the less you have on the phone.
    - ran security wipe, it took 25 minutes.
    - ran the autoloader

    Prior to this I used Sachesi to install older 3.1 radios but nothing resolved the issue.

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    08-25-14 10:58 AM
  7. DiJu519's Avatar
    I've got this issue as well, also on Virgin which is the same as Bell.

    You can refresh the hub by swiping the top right corner of the screen in wards towards the bottom left corner,so diagonally. Do it about 8 or 9 times fast. You don't have to go completely across the screen, just stay in that corner.

    It goes away for me for a bit but comes back. Best I have so far. Noticed it once I removed my battery and put it back.
    08-27-14 04:32 PM
  8. canadian nick's Avatar
    If if bugs you try a reload if the os. 20 minutes later I was completely back up.

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    08-27-14 05:23 PM
  9. jiddy322's Avatar
    it works! thx so much!
    11-05-14 08:56 PM
  10. 8ball-mb's Avatar
    Any fixes that don't require new install of the OS???

    I've got (2) Passports on Virgin in Toronto, only one of which has this issue.

    Any updates are appreciated.

    01-12-15 05:39 PM
  11. kire4scf's Avatar
    Did anybody find a fix?
    Got the same plus bbm and pin having this errror.
    04-27-15 02:47 AM

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