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    I have subscribed to a calendar but the reminder for all related events is shown as ' no reminder'. I need to set the reminder for all items to be 'at start' but the only way I see is to do it manually for each item. Is there a way I can set the reminder time for all calendar items all at once?

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    07-26-14 06:15 AM
  2. mexicangangboss's Avatar
    I know that you can set the default reminder in the calendar app settings. Maybe removing the subscribed calendar, changing the default reminder, and then resubscribing could work.

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    07-26-14 06:19 AM
  3. MrGlenn's Avatar
    The reminder settings for an existing online calendar should work separate from the phone settings. The phone settings only apply to appointments made on the phone.

    If you want to add a reminder to an existing calendar you probably have to use an online tool if available.

    For Google Calendar you can set "pop-up reminders" by default. From a browser go to "My calendars>settings>reminders and notifications" set the default you want. Changes are also added to all existing appointments. These reminders should be sync'ed to your BB10 calendar (just tested).

    Unfortunately some "subscribed calendars" cannot have reminders, because they are just simple lists (like "Contact's birthdays and events").

    BlackBerry 10 signed.
    07-26-14 07:10 AM

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