1. angelo elechosa's Avatar
    how can i turn off the next event showing on my home screen? thanks

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    04-27-17 08:03 AM
  2. mainely_linux's Avatar
    If you are referring to the HUB I dont believe you can remove that from showing up there.
    04-27-17 12:26 PM
  3. angelo elechosa's Avatar
    no, what I'm saying is , how can i adjust this showing on? thanks

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    04-27-17 07:17 PM
  4. mainely_linux's Avatar
    Go to settings, security and privacy and select lockscreen. Toggle notifications.
    04-27-17 07:24 PM
  5. angelo elechosa's Avatar
    my problem is, my calendar "next event " since yesterday appears on my screen,but the event start for today? how can we adjust the time of appearance? thanks

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    04-27-17 07:33 PM
  6. pkcable's Avatar
    We don't think this is possible. You might try contacting BlackBerry via twitter @blackberryhelp You can, if nothing else make a feature request.
    04-28-17 09:42 AM

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