1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Can I use my private SOGo server (IMAPs with STARTTLS, CalDAV, CardDAV over HTTPS) with BB or it's better to switch to Office 365?
    Tomorrow I'll get my Passport.
    03-18-15 01:17 PM
  2. RottenDoody2's Avatar
    Its definitely works. However I had troubles configuring it with the default built in caldav/carddav sync and had to install third party apps to do the sync.
    However not its works fine, so for calendars I use a app called CalendarSync and for contacts I chose one from the same dev named ContactSync. Both can be found at the BB World and can be tested for free. Just one minor drawback is that I also had to install another free calendar and contact app because there seems to be a bug at the current Blackberry OS which prevented me to initially see the synced appointments. Just ask the developer of the apps about infos if you have similar problems.
    03-19-15 05:37 PM

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