1. menaknow's Avatar
    I am looking at changing from a iPhone 6 back to the PBK. I had I 9900, Z10, Z30 before I moved to the iPhone.

    I do require the apps that BB10 couldn’t provide at that time. But I do miss the productivity I remember having. And I want to return to it.

    However I don’t want to spend north of $500 CAD for a phone so that prices out the KeyONE. Plus I’m not feeling that confident in its build quality seeing the forum post.

    So that leaves the PRIV. But I understand that no more updates and the hardware performance is dated.

    For no gaming, Spotify/podcast and productivity apps, will it hold up? Or is it’s a waste of $350 that I can get it for.
    12-28-17 10:16 AM
  2. AmritD's Avatar
    For $350. I'd say definitely not.
    Something like $200 maybe.

    menaknow likes this.
    12-28-17 10:22 AM

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