1. wfmorr48's Avatar
    I bought a new Blackberry Passport two weeks ago. It's a great device even if we have to wait a bit for SW issues to be resolved. However, AT&T has exclusive rights to the Blackberry. I travel in Europe frequently often outside large cities. I just spent a frustrating hour plus dealing with AT&T support to set up international phone service and learned that AT&T only provides service in selected large cities. I was a Verizon customer until recently and switched to AT&T when I upgraded to the Blackberry Passport. With Verizon, I traveled all over Europe and was without service only in one very remote area of Southern France. You can understand my surprise and disappointment that AT&T can't provide the same level of service AND when I asked about AT&T international service when switching to AT&T, was not told that service is limited! Other potential Passport buyers need to consider their need for international service before buying.

    Will Verizon eventually be able to support the B'berry Passport?
    08-30-15 01:39 PM
  2. kgbbz10's Avatar
    Your US based phone company doesn't work in Europe? Well I'm shocked!

    08-30-15 02:01 PM
  3. raino's Avatar
    Honestly, the best US carrier to have for international travelers is T-Mobile.

    International Plans | Traveling Abroad without Roaming Fees | T-Mobile
    08-30-15 02:57 PM
  4. Morten's Avatar
    Roaming data has always been a hit or miss.. you can never rely on it when traveling outside your own country. Your Passport should give perfect GSM voice connection everywhere.

    HSPA/LTE Is also using all different frequencies around the globe, so it's never easy to get high speed roaming data reliably.

    Not a blackberry thing, but same for all...

    Get local SIM for a network with HSPA with proper band for your passport, or use wiFi for data
    08-30-15 06:03 PM
  5. Tamashek's Avatar
    Why. Some people pay so much money for roaming is beyond me! When I travel, I purchased local sim right at the airport on arrival and I don't have to spend so much money on roaming charges! Yes I have unlocked phones

    Posted via CB30
    08-30-15 08:01 PM
  6. raino's Avatar
    Why. Some people pay so much money for roaming is beyond me!
    To be reachable on a single number, for one.
    08-30-15 08:11 PM

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