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    my wifi is connected to the internet, but everytime i open the browser it says, "unable to connect to the internet, if this problem presist contact your service provider". now what should i do, plese help me..........................
    Thank You
    Aakash Vishwakarma
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    08-16-16 01:51 AM
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    Legacy BlackBerry devices require a BIS or BES data plan in order for certain BlackBerry apps to function.
    If you do not have a BIS or BES data plan, your Browser will not function.
    See this guide on how to get around some of the BIS/BES requirements:

    Also, some countries and regions block BlackBerry or are blocked by BlackBerry.
    In those areas, there will be no BIS support and BES only through regulated business/government entities.

    If you do have an active BIS or BES data plan, then you must wait for the device to properly connect to BlackBerry Services in order for the apps to work.
    You can tell if you are connected by the presence of the BlackBerry spots logo in the status bar of the device's display, normally near the signal strength bars.
    If it wont connect, contact your provider or try another location or WiFi hot spot/channel.
    08-16-16 02:49 PM

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