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    Hi, I have a Blackberry bold 9790 I bought this for 5 days igo, Internet working good in browser but not working in my viber or watsap and facebook or someother apps , not in blackberry world, but when i reboot the phone 3g working on all application just for a few minuts end efter few minuts stop , Any buddy can healp me or had same problem? Sorry for my bad english
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    07-25-14 03:11 PM
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    You need to have a BIS package or BlackBerry Services enabled by your carrier/the company you get your cell service from.
    You'll know you're connected when you see the little BlackBerry logo next to your 3G symbol

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    07-25-14 03:15 PM
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    I Don't my carrer support the blackberry servises bcouse i live in sweden, Do you know any sites for regestering my blackberry ?
    07-25-14 03:41 PM
  4. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Your carrier. The bus connection has to be through the carrier, it is not something that third party company can offer. If your carrier does not support this then you are so and will need another device that does not free quite busy. Such as a q10, z10, etc etc etc.

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    07-25-14 03:46 PM
  5. MiSsY_'s Avatar
    Your only way is via your carrier.
    Unlocking it won't help if you don't have a BIS package

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    07-26-14 10:33 AM

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