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    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering if somebody could help. I have read through the forums for similar problems but nothing too recent.

    I bought my Priv direct from blackberry online and received it yesterday. I took it out of the box and after a short amount of time attempted to content transfer from my Q10 (this eventually failed miserably but that's another story!). I put my Priv on charge (using the brand new provided (and rather dated looking) charger provided) and within 10 minutes there was a loud popping noise, a spark and a puff of smoke. The charger blew up.

    I called blackberry who are sending me a replacement charger along with a free charger dock for the inconvenience.

    I was reassured that the phone would not have been damaged due to this, however, it either WAS or this handset is incredibly disappointing and I'm considering sending it back and very unfortunately moving away from Blackberry for good, unless somebody can help?

    I have found the phone to be painfully slow, especially regarding emails and texts e.t.c. I have synced my work and personal email accounts to the phone however there are so many problems here. Regardless of whatever sync interval settings I input (trust me, I've tried them all today!) the emails do not download (I have a work phone too so I see them coming through on this basic windows phone device but not the Priv). The other annoying issue is a couple of text messages do not mark as read and stay as if they are unread at the top (I saw others with these issues).

    Navigating through the email accounts is so slow, most notably when I try and close an account to go to another one in the hub and also I have had a number of pop ups telling me I am using 80% of performance or something and have had to do some form of optimisation. I must add that at no point have I overloaded this phone yet either so this is very surprising for a brand spanking new phone.

    Can somebody possibly help with this? I'd really appreciate any advice available. I really want this phone to work for me and not only get to keep my physical keyboard but stay loyal to Blackberry but I can't take too much more of this. It's also worth mentioning that I did ALL of the available updates and restarted the device.

    I can provide more details if necessary.


    12-02-16 03:05 PM
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    HI, sorry to hear all your trouble with you PRIV.. I'm not a specialist with Android or the Priv. But have been a BB owner for twenty years. currently Z10,Z30 and Passport OS 10.. I say all this to ask you a few questions.. First Question, what carrier r u using? AT&T, Verizon or ?
    Second Question, what other phone are you using and what model is it? I think I read something about a Windows phone.. ? Question Three
    What or Why did you decide to purchase a PRIV?
    I would like to give you some recommendations and help but I need more information...I'm a retired Tech Engr. hardware software.. I may be able to help.
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    12-02-16 11:20 PM
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    Do a factory restore and start from scratch with all available updates.
    The lag could simply be a fresh system indexing or it could be "welcome to the world of android"...seriously now it's also possible that the charger failure did affect some components but I would expect a surge to toast the device entirely. If you can't sort things out with the restoration send it back for awe one.

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    12-03-16 12:03 AM
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks both for your reply.

    I am in England and I am on EE. My previous device is a Q10. The Windows Phone is a work phone; I tried to add the work email account to the Priv too but had a host of issues.

    I bought the handset as I have always had Blackberrys and love a physical keyboard on a phone and thus the Priv is probably my last opportunity to run an up to date phone with a physical keyboard. I bought this direct from the Blackberry shop online.

    As an update, after phoning blackberry and being advised that I could safely charge the device on my older blackberry charger I decided to charge it. Although he informed me that it could and would take longer to charge it on an old charger I did not expect it to take anywhere near as long as it did. It went from 28% to 45% in over 2 hours. When I woke up this morning (I gave it the first full charge overnight last night ) I was pleased to see that it had charged however I have still experienced the same problems (very sluggish, most notably in the hub when navigating from say text messages to an email account and trying to load a message. It is taking between 5-8 seconds to load a message after clicking on it).

    In terms of factory reset I did consider this however I was unable to successfully do a content transfer and aside from my contacts and calendar entries nothing copied over and I had to add everything else manually so I don't really want to do all of this again however if you feel its best to try this before sending the phone back or whatever maybe this is what I should do?

    Thanks guys really appreciate your time

    12-03-16 08:01 AM
  5. doomer17's Avatar
    Can I ask guys, should it be this slow? My partner has an Iphone, when she clicks on a message it loads pretty much instantly. On my Q10 it is very fast and loads quick too. Is this an android thing or so my problems sound like a phone fault?
    12-03-16 08:03 AM
  6. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Not normal by any means.
    The following guide may be of assistance but ultimately a fresh start may be essential.


    Personally I would be in contact with BlackBerry Support.
    The Priv does come with one year of 24/7 technical support.
    UK number in Link below.


    Posted via CB10
    12-03-16 11:03 AM
  7. doomer17's Avatar
    Hi Lusitano,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have already been on that guide and followed a lot of advice on it but I will have another look and see if I can find more bits. I am currently doing a factory reset to see if this helps at all.

    Thanks for the number; the phone came with the info on the complimentary service they are offering. I have emailed the chap that helped me yesterday and explained the issues. Hopefully the factory reset helps, if not I may have to request a new one.

    Is it ok to do a restore or should I re-install everything again? And, with the emails is it ok to set them up via the hub or should I do it via the IMAP/POP option? I prefer it on the hub as I can set a homepage icon and access them from hub easier.


    12-03-16 12:06 PM
  8. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Appears you may need to factory reset and then update OS accordingly.
    With that noted there have been a couple of posts on Crackberry where individuals are describing similar issues with new devices....could be an OS issue with recent update but that is speculation on my part...not confirmed by anyone and not a common report.
    If your problems persist I would suggest pressing BlackBerry for a replacement device or a return if you are still within the 30 day grace period.

    Posted via CB10
    12-05-16 06:21 PM
  9. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    I may have missed something as to your current Android Os version, have it updated to Marshmallow 6.0.x, this may be helpful to your issues. Keep in mind the Priv is a great phone, I'm not familiar with EE, is this a CDMA or GSM ? service.. Since Priv can work with both pending which model you have.. I understand the reason you like the Priv, the physical keyboard. I know you may not like what I'm about the suggest, I use the Passport, which is a high end BB with a Quad Processor, Physical Keyboard which may fit your needs much better, however it only works on GSM services.. I travel with it world wide and pick up sim cards as I travel.. It is Flawless and lots of horsepower ( meaning fast ) It's only a suggestion.. or as suggested make sure you have Marshmallow Os version, I understand it has improvement, particularly battery life.
    I just purchased a Priv on it's way.. Should be delivered today. Will start working with it this evening as well next few days. To see what I experience, as I have Z30 which I intend to use the Priv in its place. This carrier is CDMA, My Passport I love far superior to the Z30 for many reason but that's my opinion. It is on GSM service. Wish you much success..
    12-07-16 07:40 AM
  10. doomer17's Avatar
    Hi There,

    I did look at the passport. I went into a store and had a play with it but I found it too wide. To be honest I didn't expect the Priv to be quite as big as it is but I am getting used to it!

    How do I get this marshmallow update? I have done the system update but how do I know if I am using this?

    How have you found your Priv?

    As an update I have been in touch with Blackberry Support. The girl I am speaking with has been most helpful although the resolution is really to limit everything that I am using to improve the phone which is both frustrating and disappointing as I was hoping to get a lot more usage out of this.

    To give you an idea of these changes it is things like turning the screen brightness down to about 40%, having the screen turn off after a much shorter period of time, tweaking apps so that they do not display updates or notifications and a few other settings. In terms of the phone speed, since doing the factory reset it is running a hell of a lot quicker (still probably just below where I'd like but I'm content with it), the emails are all downloading on time. The battery seems poor though.

    The Blackberry Support girl is calling me back tomorrow and we are doing a bug report so that they can look into what where when and why! I will let you all know how I get on!

    Thanks for all of your help
    12-11-16 12:21 PM
  11. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Good luck with the troubleshooting.

    In order to verify your system build on main screen go to Apps....then Settings....then scroll to About Phone....look for Android version. .

    Provided you are on Marshmallow you will see a 6.0 number. If the device isn't up to date you will likely see a 5.0 or 5.1 values.

    There are several posts indicating that BlackBerry has recently pushed some bug fixes which have improved device performance. Hopefully that is all that's required.

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    12-11-16 07:19 PM
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    Oh wow that has never happened to me, ever! I would return that phone. Maybe the charger explosion did damaged the phone internally somewhere. I wouldn't take the risk by keeping it. When my brand new Priv arrived it was pretty fast, everything went smooth, no problems with the charger either.

    Posted via Passport SE
    12-11-16 11:15 PM

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