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    06 autoloader for non us and non bb supplied devices didnt work. every where you look for advice on this relaying bootscreen issue, it turns corners aftrer cortners wiyth no answers and leads you nowhere . every time its a dodge , with no actual solution. it appears some people have just been increibly lucky/ i wasnt. theres no further help, phone line or responsibilty by anyone ever taken or avaiable, no one contacts back from tecxh eevvverrr. wtf have i paid 500 for nsix months ofg a b\g of wind for to be told nf you by all really and have my time wasted chasing shadows created t0o shield bb of any reaponsibilty for what i see isd a problem common enouhg to me to have prompted a recall. so what can i do?? youre the officiAL AND ONLY HELP OR SUPORT PAGE for this supposedf leaDER OF MOBILE MANUFACTURE which ois lookin to me more and more like it needs to relocate to some dodgy garage lock up shop run by terry nmcan and del boy fkin trotter to be fair. any ewords for me on what i can dln other than this autoload fix i have been supplied ? or a uk contact number for a teck? privs unlocked to any network on uk system supplied by a shop not from blackberry them VERY ROYAL SELVES i would think a 2 year manufacture warranty is standafrd?? how can they CLAIM EXEMPTION OF MY CONSUMER RIGHTS? really? sorry to be a whiny little ***** itsbeen so many weeks now on this subject chasing the wind. ngain nothing. its so0 annoying. it really iks dodg7y as hell. and ill never use b b again if im not seeing spme naction at ALLLL on this . phone went down after 4 months, 500 quifd? no care no servixe? please help mr sort this
    08-12-17 05:02 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    It would help if you stated which phone and variant you have. Just sayin'.
    08-12-17 07:16 AM

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