1. mightyelvi's Avatar

    I can switch my Bold 9900 off by holding down the call end key, as you do. But I cannot get the phone to switch on by doing the same. I have to do a battery pull every time before it will switch on by pressing the call end key.

    Doesn't seem obvious that it a keyboard hardware issue, so is it OS related?

    Bit of a PITA.

    09-20-14 05:19 AM
  2. to boldly go's Avatar
    Are you holding the key down a long time? When I was new to the bold I had the same problem, til I held the button down and didn't let go til I saw something happen. It's a hard sleeper and takes awhile to wake up, kinda like the playbook. But sometimes it comes immediately on, like it had never really turned off.
    09-22-14 12:47 AM

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