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    For some reason hotmail is being blocked all of a sudden stating untrusted site and is now blocked, anyone know how to remove the block? I have even restored from an earlier date but still have the same problem, was ok yesterday!

    this is the pop up I receive

    Refusing connection. This server has been previously noted as supporting HTTP Strict Transport Security. Due to SSL certificate warnings/errors, a connection will not be made

    please help

    thanks in advance

    Blackberry Passport running
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    No one?

    Blackberry Passport running
    12-05-14 08:40 PM
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    This has worked for several people I sent to>

    After days of frustration with no browser hotmail/outlook access after downloading 7.1 OS upgrade on BB curve 9350 to have access to mobile hotspot, I did the following. Hope it works for all of you.
    I'm not a techie, and only know what worked on my phone after much trial and error, and what didn't work just reset screen to default settings to avoid new issues. Let me know if questions.
    Options/Security/Advanced Security/Memory cleaning/Enable so checkmark shows in box/click Clean button (wait for clean to complete)/Menu/Save
    That cleans up temporary memory like on a pc when you delete temporary files and cookies to speed it up. After, also try going to "certificates" which is on the same screen as "memory cleaning". Let the certificates load and delete any with red x's by them. If that doesn't do it, then open BB desktop software after doing above (download if don't have) and tether your BB to your computer with USB cord and once they connect, it should automatically correct your BB certificates.

    Then I had issue with signing in to Ebay on my BB browser with "can't open due to device security settings". So did the following.
    Options/Security/Advanced Security/TLS/Permit SSL 3.0 so checkmark shows in box/Permit Insecure Negotiation so checkmark shows/ encryption strength-choose allow weak in box/Digest strength-prompt in box/menu/save
    At bottom of that screen, proxy TLS should not be enabled (no checkmark in box)
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