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    I looked and couldn't find a thread re:

    My IG posts look blurry!

    At least noticeable blurrier than the original picture taken with my BlackBerry. (Passport, before same issue w/Q10)

    I use and have used all 3: Android official, IGRANN Pro as well as Insta10.
    I generally don't use any filter etc. All 3 have this issue.

    Today I even went on my computer to double check.
    And yes, 100% noticeable difference.

    Anybody else??

    Please see photos of a before and after:
    (Inst10 in this example)


    EDIT: I think I figure it out!

    Ok, bare with me, it may sound crazy, but it seems like all posts, unless from an iPhone 6 are blurry(ish).
    My friends and I went thru quite a few IG feeds. On different devices.
    We looked at posts from flag-ship devices such as Nexus 6 , Note 4 and Passports and compared them to iPhone 5&6 posts:
    iPhone 6 posts are NOTICEABLY sharper.

    Photos look crisp on my device, once posted they look like crap.
    Most may not care because the blur may have a "beautifying" effect, but srsly.

    Feel free to check it yourself, just make sure you're using a high-res screen.
    I'd love to hear your results.
    If you even care...
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    03-29-15 12:09 AM
  2. FrankIAm's Avatar
    Might have to do with IG's compression.
    03-29-15 12:35 AM
  3. guruhabibi's Avatar
    Pretty sure it is some compression issue, but this is factually not an issue on the iOS version.

    Have you noticed this yourself before?

    03-29-15 12:42 AM

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