1. ciaoenrico's Avatar
    I've tried this with three keyboards so far, and all with the same result: For whatever reason, they cannot type a ) symbol on a Q10. Whatever keyboard I'm using, if I hit "shift" then the 0 key, it types the "0" and not the "0" like it should. It has no problem typing a "(" however.

    I know it already sounds weird, that I have a phone with a keyboard, and I also use a bluetooth keyboard to type to it. I just had to ask anyone on the forums if they've experienced this or not, on a Q10 or any other BB10 device.

    It's not that big a problem, granted. I will live. I'd just like to know what's up.
    08-06-14 06:56 PM
  2. bobaloo's Avatar
    Type rb then space and autotext will replace the rb with a close parenthesis. I know it's not exactly a fix, but it gets you what you need.
    The autotext for the open parenthesis is rb

    ciaoenrico likes this.
    08-06-14 07:09 PM

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