1. Anjali HVC's Avatar
    Hey guys since I upgraded the software on my Q10 I have had significant issues with my Bluetooth, in that it isn't turning off and is always connected to my car even when my car is off, I can't answer calls either . Can anyone assist?

    Posted via CB10
    11-02-15 07:41 AM
  2. Lusitano17's Avatar
    First try a "soft reset" by holding power button for about 10 seconds until red light appears and the device reboots.
    If bluetooth is still on open it up and try to refresh your device list.
    Once it's refreshed DELETE ALL devices and switch the bluetooth off and power off your phone.
    In your car remove the device ID from your cars bluetooth list.
    With bluetooth OFF in both car and phone try to take a normal call on device.
    If it works you can now pair the phone and car again.

    If this process doesn't resolve your issue you may have to reinstall OS.

    Posted via CB10
    11-02-15 10:45 AM

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