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    Hi, I'm a first time BlackBerry Passport user just having switched over from an Android phone. I saw so many reviews of the Passport and decided I wanted to give it a shot since I was able to spare the money to upgrade to this.

    I'm still downloading and installing the huge update from opening the Passport right from the box, and while I waited for that, I decided to explore the phone. I love the interface, but I decided to try and connect my bluetooth headset (LG HBS730) to it to see how it would sound.

    It didn't sound as amazing as my Android phone did (but to be fair, I expected that, since my old phone had some custom EQ onboard to make any headphones sound great, and I was willing to sacrifice some quality), but what I'm far more concerned about is how broken the functionality of the headset is when I use it on the Passport. When I played some music on Spotify (installed from Amazon App Store as a test), I tried adjusting the volume on both the phone and on the headset, and the volume just jumps erratically up and down instead of adjusting in a logical fashion.

    I can't make it pleasantly quiet enough to listen to, either. Instead, the volume at its lowest setting on both the headset and phone is completely mute, and then adding just a little volume on the phone makes it extremely loud. Hitting the pause/play button on the headset opens up the default music app on the Passport instead of pausing or playing whatever audio is on.

    I'm wondering if there's any available workaround or something I'm just unaware of (I didn't find anything searching on Google about this), or if anyone can tell me whether or not the update(s) fix(es) this. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to solve this. I just got my shiny new Passport in the mail today and I was looking forward to finally getting to use it after work. I really want to keep it and I love everything else about it so far, but this is an unfortunate deal breaker if I can't solve this, since I typically like to use multiple audio apps for music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc, and the functions on my bluetooth headset are invaluable to me at this point.

    EDIT: After three hours of waiting, all the updates finished installing. The play/pause works now instead of opening up the BlackBerry music app, but I'm still faced with the volume problem. I can't figure out how to get the volume low enough that I can comfortably listen to it. The lowest setting I can get to while still being able to hear it (both in settings and on the headset volume) is still too loud. A wired headset doesn't get me the same results and actually sounds okay, but I really want to keep using the bluetooth headset instead. I found out the volume being too loud on bluetooth is a somewhat common problem on BB10. Is there a system-wide fix available?
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    just following up here, have you found a solution?
    10-01-15 11:17 AM
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    On my headset (mpow swift)

    The volume on the head set, and on the phone are controlled differently.

    I usually set my phone volume at almost full, and ajust the sound using the button on my headphones while I'm using them.

    It works pretty well,

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    10-01-15 01:48 PM

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