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    I just purchased a Blackberry Key2 Silver edition. When the screen is off there is sort of a multi color blot right in the middle of the screen. When you put pressure on it, it sort of expands, then retracts back to its normal position. It doesn't affect performance and it is not noticeable when the screen is on. I purchased this on Ebay from a seller that says it was used briefly, with very light use. The blot seams to look like a fingerprint pattern.

    Anyone else noticing this? Good idea to return it? Or is this ok for the long term?

    Much appreciated any feedback.
    12-04-18 04:37 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Good idea to return it?
    Return it. Display is damaged somehow.
    12-04-18 04:54 PM

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