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    Happy Post-Holidays to everyone. I am a Senior, looking for my 1st smartphone and need advice/info, please...

    I have looked at some Android units; not crazy about how 'organized', set-up, or something. Just not comfortable for me. Found iPhones [pre-6; can't afford 6] a little better, but wasn't wowed by them.

    So - took a chance, tried a Windows Phone = much more to my liking. Have read reviews/posts stating WP's very good for 1st-timers & seniors; I'm both. Problem I have is not all WP's OS's are being updated to 8.1; for me, that speaks to future support. Another indicator or hint is no local TV station has plans to add a WP version of their news/weather app. One TV station currently has a BB version and thus curiosity lead me here.

    I have also posted questions on the WP version of this forum, so this post may seem familiar to some of you. I used the name SeniorGuest, if curious.

    So, my question is as stated:: Would the Z30, or even Z10, be a good choice for a senior w/no smartphone experience? I am still working and financially must until no longer able. However, my phone will not be used in conjunction with work; rare if at all. Are either the Z30 or Z10 excellent for strictly personal-based use as well?

    I plan to buy the phone outright and use on a pre-paid smartphone plan or other less expensive '3rd party' carrier. What can I expect to pay for a slightly used Z10 and Z30?

    This is a valid, honest post I assure you. Any advice, help, info would be sincerely appreciated. Thank You!
    01-04-15 09:07 AM
  2. carullo's Avatar
    Both phones run bb10......Z30 has a larger screen,and the battery life is leaps and bounds over the z10....i would choose the z30
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    01-04-15 09:21 AM
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    As it turns out, I can use my same LogIn from the WP forum; had no idea!
    Thank You 'carullo' - appreciate ANY info I can get!

    I should have also stated that I've looked at specs and reviews/posts regarding both phones. I would prefer the Z30 as I want to invest in a phone that will be viable for some time. My current 'feature' phone turned 5 yrs. Christmas Eve 2014. What I don't know is whether the Z10 or Z30 would be a good choice for someone who has never owned a smartphone. Are either or both easily intuitive? I found WP easier to use/figure-out as opposed to Android, but am concerned about future WP support. Sincere Thanks Again!
    01-04-15 09:48 AM
  4. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    As each has their own plus's and negatives, I will agree with carullo. I myself have had both, 10 and 30. If you are looking for a device that is going to be used for making calls and the odd internet access I would actually got with the 10, but if you need a larger screen (like I do) then definitely the 30 is the way to go. If I were going to be getting either for my Mom, she is 66 now, I would suggest the 10. Her hands are a little smaller than mine, a lot actually, and the z30 looks to be way larger for what she needs.

    She was actually my N5 before her cataracts started really acting up.

    FYI. I bought my 30 from a local pawn shop, the owner actually was selling it and removed his SIM at time of purchase. Oh, price was $250.00 + tax. You might be able to find cheaper now as and more people seem to be upgrading to the PassPort and Classic.
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    01-04-15 09:48 AM
  5. bspence87's Avatar
    BB10 does have a steeper learning curve than iOS, but becomes easier to use after you have learned it. I can't speak for Windows phone as I have never used it. It's a very fluid and functional OS, but takes a while to discover the navigation.

    In terms of price, BlackBerry has twice lately put the Z30 on sale for $225US, which is an incredible price. If you can hold out for their next firesale (I suspect February), that is what I would suggest. If not, you can probably find a mint used one for under $300

    If you do decide on the Z30 and you have any problems, just ask here and you will find all the help you'll ever need.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-04-15 10:03 AM
  6. SeniorGuest's Avatar
    Thank You MobileMadness002! All this info REALLY helps. I am not quite 60, so your reply hits home; FYI my mid-80's Mom has an iPhone 4S.

    Some info:: I am small for a male = small hands, but I think a larger screen will be easier to read/maneuver. Also, Z30 specs so much better; speaks to a longer life within a world of ever-advancing tech. I also want a phone that I can challenge myself on; currently zero social networking but maybe that will change if I own a device easily capable, as an example. Also, I'd like to try something a bit different from what most people use.
    I found a Z10 for ~$135, a Z30 for ~$240 -- both Like New; probably both only come with charger.

    Thank You again - and feel free to add more info you feel useful!
    01-04-15 10:13 AM
  7. anon(9194980)'s Avatar
    I would suggest taking a look at these videos:

    BlackBerry Z30 Support - How To Demo BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone Help 101

    These demo videos apply also to the Z10 in pretty much all cases. I think this would help you to see if the navigation within the phone would be easy for you to understand.
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    01-04-15 10:16 AM
  8. SeniorGuest's Avatar
    Thank You bspence87! More of exactly what I need - honest, straightforward info. I was hoping to make a decision soon after Jan.1st, but after trying a few phones feel the need to possibly push that self-imposed deadline back. I may actually make it to February! ~$225 for a new unit would be great. Thank You again!
    01-04-15 10:24 AM
  9. SeniorGuest's Avatar
    Will definitely watch the videos - Thank You Yassbittar!
    01-04-15 10:26 AM
  10. SeniorGuest's Avatar
    ThankYou Yassbittar - I actually watched the videos more than once, including most of the sub-menu videos, etc. My next step was to call every VZW store anywhere near home or work - no Z10's or Z30's on premises to check-out. Called every VZW Authorized Retailer listed within 25~30 miles - same result. I'm not 19, I'm 59 - I need to try it before I buy it! This purchase will be my 1st smartphone and I need to KNOW I can use it before buying. And this is my only phone; no land line.

    I am intrigued and REALLY want to try one...haven't given up yet. So far, I prefer WP to either Android or iPhone. I want to sample a Z10 or 30 to see where it fits in my personal preferences. My current phone turned 5 Christmas Eve; I intend to buy another 5-year phone. Thanks Again!
    01-31-15 04:14 PM
  11. gmr1987's Avatar
    All the owners of z30 like them better all the time! Including my Co worker who has a hard time reading English, my grandfather who is 70, a friend who is a building contractor.... etc

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    01-31-15 06:14 PM
  12. Avenzuno's Avatar
    Life is short, SeniorGuest. I suggest the Z30, as it's powerful enough and won't give you any battery issues. Overall it's a more pleasant experience for you. You can customize your user experience, such as increased font size for easier reading. Your email and messaging promise to be very smooth. Android demands too much underneath. Better to have Android runtime for app compatibility on BlackBerry 10. Good luck with your final decision!

    Posted via CB10
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    01-31-15 06:30 PM
  13. girinath's Avatar
    Buy a z10 stl 100-2or3.
    Z30 price is too high with the old hardware. Buy z10 online. It will be cheaper....

    Posted via BlackBerry z10
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    01-31-15 09:26 PM
  14. QXS's Avatar
    Neither would be good, eventually you'll get bored and move to a different brand only to find every other smartphone inferior. It's better to experience the relief of transitioning to BB10 after using Android or iOS.
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    01-31-15 09:52 PM

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