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    I am a Samsung Galaxy Grand user from India who wants to shift to a new platform and my biggest dilemma is whether I should switch of Blackberry Z30 or a Nokia Lumia 830. I am pissed off with Android because it has millions of applications but when it comes to doing your Five Basic Tasks, Samsung Galaxy Grand, run on android, is nothing less than a nightmare. I have always been a Nokia loyal because of durability but once I used the Blackberry QWERTY too which was best in one thing. That is communication. I would wish to come to Blackberry but I have the following in questions in my mind.

    Maps : Being an android user, I am very much used to of Google Maps and Lumia 830 offers me an alternative that is Here Maps. But what if I shift to Z30? Will I get maps which is nothing less than an essential app in my life now?

    RAM : Will 2GB RAM in Z30 be enough to run my device smoothly? Will it hang like my pathetic Android called Samsung Galaxy Grand? Will Z 30 drain out battery just like Android? Actually the fact that we can use Android Apps in BB, will those apps kill BB too?

    Cortana : Cortana is the latest heartthrob from Microsoft, can we have something like this on Blackberry? Heard that Cortana will open applications, write mails, tweet on voice commands etc. Do we have anything like this on BB?

    Pls respond folks..
    10-06-14 01:50 PM
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    You have BlackBerry maps, it is like any other maps application, but it misses a lot of places and is on the slow side.

    2 GB of ram is good enough on a BlackBerry device, if you are afraid it won't be enough, then just buy the passport, it has 3 gigs of ram, but 2 is really enough.

    When 10.3 comes out later this year, there will be a assistent like cortana. It has mainly the same functions as cortana.

    Posted via CB10
    10-06-14 02:18 PM
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    As a Z30 user I can highly recommend it. I haven't used Lumia phones, so I can't comment on them. I have some experience with Android phones, including the Galaxy S3, for instance, and prefer BB10.

    The Z30 has the native BlackBerry Maps app, which is not as good as Google Maps, but does a decent job. Likewise, you can run Google Maps with the Z30's Android Runtime. Granted, it is not as feature rich as on Android devices, due to the lack of Google Play Services, but search and voice directions work quite well.

    I've really never had the Z30 lag, it's truly fluid and fast. At most, I've had a couple of apps freeze once or twice since I bought the phone back in April, nothing really to worry about. The Z30 is my daily driver and I couldn't be happier, well, perhaps only with the Passport... :P BB10 runs very smoothly with 2 GB of RAM, I would say it's more than enough.

    With regards to the voice assistant, with 10.2.1 it still a bit basic, although it does a decent job at sending BBM messages, SMS, email, calling contacts and searching the Web (quite honestly, I rarely use it thanks to the awesome predictive virtual keyboard). And as already mentioned, by the end of the year we should be getting 10.3.1, which has an even better voice assistant. Here's a video comparison worth watching:

    If you'll feel reassured by having more RAM or that a 10.3 type voice assistant is vital at the moment, then take a look at the Passport. Otherwise, the Z30 is an amazing phone!

    Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!
    10-06-14 02:40 PM

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