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    I have a unique issue with my blackberry.... I couldn't even pick a right title for the issue that I am about to tell you... so let's get started. (btw keep in mind i have never backed up my z10 through blackberry link and i am using an iMac running el captain os...and my data is what i need right now before I restore the phone)

    About 4 days ago, the evening of July 7th, I was growing my emails through Blackberry Hub when I was attempting to open another email, it wouldn't open. So I tried again. and again. Only to realize that it's not my eyes playing tricks but in fact the screen would just momentarily and very briefly and in a subtle manner just flicker like it would when opening an email in the hub for instance... only it just kept refusing to open it for me. Then I realized that nothing would open on my phone! this was after I pulled out the battery to "soft reset" the phone and hope that the issue was a small glitch.

    [ this is an additional part of my story which may or may not be relevant...its a two part story]

    On or before July 7th. I installed what is supposed to be trusted and verified SMS Device Back up application through Blackberry world which are free. It claims to back up your SMS in a ".db" file format. To my surprise and amazement, it did what it advertised!"

    I generally do not install applications whatsoever on this device, I am not what they call a "heavy user". I am a conservative user of smartphones so the most I have is flight trackers, some currency exchange apps maybe 2048 game and some angry birds thats it. So this application installation was the first in a very long long time that I ever installed anything.

    Now part two....when I delete any apps from my phone and turn off my phone by holding power button for long time, the apps come back! the only apps that didn't come back even after several restart (for some reason) is the device sms back up app...

    [now back to my original story]

    so i told you about my odd story how the blackberry stopped working...the stranger part is the following...blackberry customer support. which you have to pay $35 USD to get support from, cannot figure out my issue! the only help they are offering is over the phone/remote help. They tell me that they cannot bring in the device to their centres and fix the issue since policy states that they have to wipe the phone before fixing it.

    My issue is that after this moment of sudden "cancer" that struck my blackberry OS (blackberry z10 btw for those of you who might have missed it and on os 10.3.2) I cannot back up this device through link! now for the stranger part get ready.... so the phone will connect through link more often than in the last few days. I had severe issues even getting Blackberry Link to recognize my phone. Blackberry link even sometimes will say cannot communicate with my newer phone I JUST GOT my blackberry leap! so something is fundamentally wrong with blackberry link....

    Blackberry link will state under show activity and after failing to back up, it will state that I need to input my blackberry ID on the phone (even though I have suspicion that is not even why it can't back up ...more on that later). I cannot input my blackberry ID on settings because sometimes settings won't open and the times they do it will allow me to go to the portion of blackberry ID but then say that it cannot retrieve the information when I try and input (inputting not submitting..so i barely get a chance to tap on the word "edit" to type in the ID).

    I went to Bell (in Canada) and the guy had some sort of MEC box or whatever its called...some sort of box that Bell uses that has a software too its nothing too fancy it's just their proprietary tool they use to back up all phone models instead of having every software installed on their PC. The guy couldn't back it up! he tried backing up and transferring from my Z10 to my leap it didn't work. He tried backing up my z10 to a sony xperia phone and that didn't work. he tried doing an attempted back up from my new leap to the xperia and that worked so he was able to do a logical elimination and determine that the issue is the z10 ( big surprise i know.)

    the funny thing is, blackberry link will recognize that my phone has pictures, videos, documents. it even recognizes the names of all my media, their locations, how big they are and the dates created. I just cannot open them through link. On the phone itself, it won't recognize that it has any pictures or videos at the moment.

    So my phone is currently in a unique state, its on, i can swipe through the home pages, but its just not functioning and the data is all on there sitting there waiting for me to reclaim it somehow.... I am in such desperate help i hope i wrote everything as clearly as possible if I am missing something or you guys have further questions please ask me because I need your help to find a solution as to being able to pull the data off the phone!!!

    Again ...blackberry z10, never done a back up, it has 16gb of internal memory all my stuff is on that memory, i am running mac os el captain , I need the data before I wipe as there is some stuff on there i really really need to present to someone of interest as proof that a discussion has occurred plus there are pictures to back up those claims...so its become a serious matter where for the first time I can say there is a serious reason not to wipe unless I know for sure I can recover the data after wiping.... please someone help.

    I live in Canada in Ontario so if there are engineers out there who use this forum we can talk further at any given moment you so choose as well.

    Thank you
    07-13-16 09:01 PM
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    When link recognizes the phone, copy paste documents to desktop. Then do for each, photo, media, etc. That you want. This gives you a copy on the desktop.

    Now you will have to reinstall the os. You can shut phone off and while connected turn it on it should ask to reinstall os.

    Then you can move the files back..make sure you move files first. Then when phone is set back up add the files back.

    See if you can copy the files this way.

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    07-14-16 11:52 AM

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