1. Varun Chandekar's Avatar
    Pls help my new verizon blackberry z10 phone is frequently rebooting during making calls,using Internet, multitasking,network unavailable also

    It is not more than 15 days I have purchased device

    Kindly suggest how to get over this

    Posted via CB10
    02-29-16 08:33 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Sounds like the battery contacts are loose. Fold some paper and put it in the battery compartment to force the battery against the pins.
    02-29-16 08:43 PM
  3. Varun Chandekar's Avatar
    Any other thing apart from this Pls suggest

    Battery contact are loose

    Posted via CB10
    02-29-16 09:03 PM
  4. conite's Avatar
    There hasn't been a software issue since the old days of OS 10.0 / 10.1, so it's unlikely that.

    What OS are you on? Which device variant?
    02-29-16 09:21 PM
  5. Varun Chandekar's Avatar
    Software release is


    Device name

    Posted via CB10
    03-01-16 01:15 AM
  6. scrannel's Avatar
    The only other thing I can think of is just a bad battery. Try another?
    03-01-16 03:12 AM

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