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    In November 2015, I lost my WiFi connection and a subsequent reset of the phone resulted in the error 'bb10-0015'. I switched to another phone and left this device alone until now.

    Today, I connected my BlackBerry to my Laptop with the latest version of BlackBerry Link, I reloaded the device and updated it successfully. I was not shown any prompts or anything special once the update was complete.

    After setting up my phone however, I noticed the following issues:

    1. The top corner of the screen, where the SIM Card information is displayed, has the message 'unknown error'.

    When I insert a SIM card of any kind, the BlackBerry Z10 can no longer read it.

    2: The Camera is no longer functional.
    - When activating the Camera I see the message: The camera can't be started.

    3: Youtube and other video sites do not work.
    - I am prompted that the video cannot load and advised to reload the page, or I am shown the error 'Media Error' - There was an error retrieving media metadata information. This media cannot be played.

    Note: When I initially started the phone set-up, no sim card was inserted and the installation/setup phase regarding Sim Cards was skipped, I write this in the case this may be a cause as I have read information regarding licensing prompts for software that I may have been required to encounter but have not had the option.

    Everything else seems to be operational. My basic BlackBerry Z10 information as follows:
    Blackberry - 960A

    Any and all help is appreciated thank you for your time, I will be awaiting your responses.
    08-01-16 02:55 AM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    What exact model Z10 do you have, the STL100-# number.
    The STL100-1 model Z10 used different hardware from the other STL100-# models, as such it required a STL100-1 specific OS version.

    Blackberry - 960A
    That is weird.
    It should be "BlackBerry - Z10"
    08-01-16 02:13 PM
  3. Ginsu0311's Avatar
    Thank you for your response, in answer to your question my STL is;

    In addition, I have noticed that the device will 'crash' appear to turn off and requires me to push and hold the power button down to turn on the device.
    08-01-16 06:33 PM

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