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    Hi my dear fellow balckberry lovers and users,

    I have been using blackberry since 2009 started with blackberry pearl now with a blackberry bold 9900 in between i have used an Apple iphone 4s for sometime which i gave to wife out of love and my passion to use a blackberry .

    Now lets come to the topic

    I am planning to buy a new blackberry phone ,
    my usage will be like this below

    1. 1 hour of phone calls daily.
    2. News,tweets , Linked in and some face book all except linked in manage through social feeds
    3. perosnal banking
    4. General browsing or searching if i come across any thing interesting .
    5. will be interested to use Skype and viber
    6. Lot of emails ,emails , emails

    My requirements

    1 A decent sized phone not a phablet , I also has an Ipad mini for bigger tasks and reading .
    2 . Battery backup should not matter every time as mine is a desk job and have lots power plugs at home , car.
    3. the phone should not hang up in the midst of a call as i face lot of issues now with BB990 so internal and ram memory matters
    4. camera should be decent not really a priority.

    Now my confusion is to go for a BBZ3 or Z10 as both are coming in similar price tags.

    My issue with z10 is its OS compared to z3 .. well do i seriously consider it as an issue ?
    for me z10's size of 4.2 is fine .

    After sales service is headache in India and I think i can manage .

    Now can some one please suggest me which should i buy Z10 or Z3..

    Expecting a truthful reply soon


    Joseph Job
    07-20-14 04:18 AM
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    If the battery is a non-issue, I would advise the Z10. It's a real powerhouse in the departments you like to use it. I have had this phone since launch and it hasn't slowed down on me.

    Only thing with the banking, you'll have to do it in the browser or you have to download an Android app. However, this counts for all BlackBerry 10 devices.
    07-20-14 05:20 AM

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