1. 5star Z30's Avatar
    Hi guys, my BlackBerry World keeps telling me my session has expired, I thought nothing of it at first cos I could still update my Apps however when I tried to grab the wallpaper++ promo it just couldn't get past confirmation.
    What could be the issue?

    100% BlackBerry
    01-09-15 01:37 PM
  2. Originalloverman's Avatar
    Check your data/ Internet connection/ settings

    Send from the amazing powers of the  Z30
    01-09-15 04:02 PM
  3. eryvile's Avatar
    Same here, blackberry world tells me that my session expired. Data connection is not the problem, everything else works just fine - except for beta zone, which constantly tells me that the server is currently unavailable and gives me a code 01. Weird

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-15 12:10 PM
  4. eryvile's Avatar
    Update: seems like all problems are gone now, at least there was now 'session expired' message in blackberry world and I was also able to open beta zone and install insta10...
    Whatever the reason for yesterday's behavior was, it's gone today

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-15 12:54 AM
  5. anischab's Avatar
    They updated server yesterday, I think. I could start BBW but not perform searches... only the Apps on the first screen were searchable. Works fine again this morning.

    Workhorse: BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; Power Workhorse: BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS; Germany.
    02-07-15 12:57 AM
  6. 5star Z30's Avatar
    Yep all good on this front as well, thanks guys.

    100% BlackBerry
    02-08-15 09:39 AM

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