1. nkitt's Avatar
    Guys, please help me.

    I've been trying to download apps or even update them, but I keep getting error message saying 'network error occurred while processing your request, please make sure that you have sufficient network coverage and try again' I have been trying to download for past 4 - 5 days on both cellular and wifi of different service providers, still the same problem.

    I tried refreshing the BlackBerry world, restarted my device. Removed and re inserted the sim card, tried using only wifi with mobile radio turned off.

    Clicked and flicked using both hands on BlackBerry passport
    02-13-16 09:41 PM
  2. bhoqeem's Avatar
    I have just installed and downloaded Whatsapp and Face10 apps from the BB World on my Q10 and Passport, using wifi. Everything checked out.
    02-13-16 11:10 PM
  3. neeraj121y's Avatar
    Server problem.

    Z3 /
    02-16-16 01:44 AM

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