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    I got my Mum a BlackBerry Q5 for Christmas which she loves and today she calls me to say that right after taking a call on it, the phone powered itself off and will not switch back on.

    There's no indication of life whatsoever. No LED light flashing, nothing on the screen.

    The phone was close to fully-charged at the time and plugging it into the charger didn't help.

    Neither did the holding down of the power button nor the volume keys for 30 seconds tip work either.

    I'm so disappointed...... can anyone shed some light on how or why this could happen?

    Thanks a mill...

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    12-31-14 01:03 PM
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    sounds like the battery might be pooched,,,,,unfortunely its a sealed unit.....i have 3 which i use for work and never had any issues u might wanto take it back for a warranty exchange......good luck
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    12-31-14 01:15 PM
  3. tonyfox's Avatar
    I bought it on shopblackberry.com during the sale a few months back...
    Having to send it back to them will break my heart
    Ah well. Thanks for your comment though.

    Posted via CB10 from my Q10
    01-01-15 05:12 AM

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