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    So I've had my BB Q5 for just under a year. I love the phone and everything has been working great until today. Woke up to the alarm app, everything worked, then went to work. By the time I'd gotten to work, my touch screen wasn't responding to most actions. I could upswide to exit apps but I couldn't click any apps to open (although some would open if i sat there taping it repeatedly for seconds), and some would just open at random even though I would be pressing something different. Keyboard is working fine.

    Anyone have any insight to what could be happening? There is honestly zero damage to the phone externally and was working fine up until this afternoon.
    06-25-14 04:40 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    First thing to try is a device reset. (NOT the same as a Restart.)

    Hold down the top button (i.e. Lock button) and keep pressing it, ignoring whatever onscreen options appear.
    After the red LED flashes on then back off, release the top key.

    A device reset causes no harm. It's like a "deeper" Restart. This type of reset is like penicillin for a BB10 device: it usually fixes whatever is ailing you.
    06-25-14 07:30 PM

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