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    Have a request I have a disability, So would request you to help with a solution & not make fun of me please

    I know that the blackberry Q10 has word correction & prediction built in, But is there a alternative software that can do the same.

    I have tried to install the Swiftkey keyboard, But in the 2nd step there is no way for me to select the Swiftkey keyboard as default, thus it is not working.

    Below is just a example, I was using a Samsung Galaxy Y Pro ( QWERT Keyboard Phone, running android ), On the same phone the default keyboard can be changes, Thus the outcome was I typed on the hardware keyboard & Swiftkey provided the correct word ( spelling ) & also the next predicted word, which I could select by taping on the screen.

    I hope someone could help PLEASE


    J K
    04-16-16 04:24 AM

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