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    I currently have an iphone 4 that is on its last legs, and I am looking for an upgrade. I had an old curve 9320 which was horrifically faulty, and then i went with ios because I could just about deal with the virtual keyboard despite the fact that i despise apple. I am torn between the Q10 and the nexus 5(for anyone who says wait for the classic or the passport then my reply is that I wouldn't be able to afford either), the openness of android appeals to me but I don't know whether I'll be able to deal with the keyboard, does anyone have any info on the android 4.4 keyboard and how it compares to either the q10 or ios? also having had a faulty blackberry before I'm very worried that I'm going to have the same experience with the q10 having seen lots of threads about it overheating, the battery life being rubbish, the back coming off too easily etc etc, I know its very hard to estimate what proportion of q10 users have these issues but any info would help. Another issue I have with the q10 is I facebook message a lot and also use twitter and I haven't found much information about how well the native apps work. Although the blackberry appeals to me more I know that the nexus 5 will definitely do all the things i want it to do, and plus it's faster. So, Crackberry Users, help me!!
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    08-09-14 01:42 PM
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    I actually prefer virtual keyboards, and the stock Google keyboard works really great for me. Predictive text and autocorrect work well, and the Swype feature is great for one handed use. Google keyboard is a very close 2nd to the BB10 virtual keyboard I uses on the Z10, which I slightly prefer because I like how I can swipe backwards to delete entire words. That's the one thing that puts it just above the Google one. The iOS keyboard is just okay.. I'd place it 3rd based on my experience with it on my iPad Air thus far (haven't used it on a phone sized screen, but the software functions are very similar and that's what I'm evaluating here).

    Nexus 5 is an alright phone. If you can, wait a little longer for the 6. I would definitely recommend Android personally, especially if you're used to having apps on your iPhone. Blackberry World is pretty empty, trust me. I also do prefer Android over iOS. It is more mature in my eyes, notably it has a file system and the ability for any app to invoke the sharing ability. iOS has advantages, whatever, that's personal preference.

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    08-09-14 01:56 PM

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