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    Hello all!
    I proudly own a BlackBerry Q10 (also Curve 9380); the Q10 device is factory unlocked (it says, those three magic unlock words in 'Security & Privacy'>>'Sim Card'). I checked phone imei at w3times-dot-imei-dot-info, it pops up 'valid' and standard q10 device info. The awesome phone works with all sim cards (can use it calling/text/access internet on browser/use hub, email, fb, twitter, etc.).

    The Problem, I'm facing is, I'm unable to use BBM and BB Protect services.

    BBM says, "No BlackBerry data! BBM is unable to connect the blackberry server. Please try again later". I tried many "later" times.

    BB Protect, "Unable to connect to the BlackBerry Protect service. Please try again later".

    I think, I understand, why my device is popping up these error messages. It simply is because there is no 'white-berry' dots beside network/wifi signal.

    Solution I tired so far:

    1. Go to 'Setting'>>'About'>>(drop down menu select) 'Network'>>(bottom left dots) 'Register BlackBerry'. It always says, "Registration requested" (never heard back from bb server).

    2. Go to 'Setting'>>'About'>>(drop down menu select) 'Network'>>(bottom left dots) 'Resync Configuration'. Not quite sure what it does; but as I noticed I did nothing other than popping out "Resync in progress. You may continue using the phone".

    3. Hard Reset>>Press volume up and volume down key simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds. Phone restarts, repeat the #1 solution stated above. Nothing happens.

    4. Reboot>>Hold down the power/lock(unlock) key until the count-down on screen hits 0. Phone reload OS. Repeat #1, again nothing!

    5. Battery pull while phone is switched on; repeat step #1. Nothing!!

    It is BlackBerry Q10 (SQN100-3) running OS To claim warranty, I must buy tickets to Europe from India; and that should cost me at least twice the price of Q10 (even if I sail through Suez canal).

    (I'm currently downloading auto-loader to give a last try. In the meanwhile, I expect and welcome comments or just anything that you think could possibly help me out.)
    10-17-16 04:45 AM
  2. anupmehra's Avatar
    I thought, it'd ask me for my login credentials when I will finish writing the essay; but it did not. I also didn't find any option to edit my question (I apologize for grammatical mistakes.).
    10-17-16 04:53 AM
  3. anupmehra's Avatar
    Well, tried autoloader, situation remains the same (can't register device on network for BBM & BB Protect). Reached out @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter, they said it is a "provisioning error" and asked me to contact service provider. Service provider as previously, stated again that everything is all right at their end.

    Looks like I'm stuck in some kind of loophole. I better quit using BBM and BB Protect (device data can be backed-up using Link Desktop software). There are not many friends left using BB phones, so, I should not lose much. Besides, almost everyone I know is already active either on WhatsApp or Skype, or both.

    However, looking at them 'not working' may hurt sometimes. So, it'd be helpful if anyone can suggest some way to remove these inbuilt apps.
    10-17-16 11:02 AM
  4. RK Styles's Avatar
    I have the same problem... I own a z10. No BlackBerry data is the error always. Have done all the steps you mentioned when I got the phone. But it won't work. You can't remove them though. You can disable them.

    Open settings>
    Security>parental controls>turn them on>slide the slider on whichever app you want to disable.

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-16 09:26 PM
  5. anupmehra's Avatar
    I disabled bbm. I'm more interested now in knowing the reason behind these unexplained errors than to fix it.

    IMO, there is nothing wrong with our handsets but definitely either at blackberry or service provider side. BlackBerryHelp said, my device imei/pin is not "populated" in their database and it is a "provisioning" error on service provider side. I rang idea customer care, up to nodal authority and they couldn't figure out a thing - even when I somewhat threatened to mnp 6 years old postpaid connection.

    Did you talk to your service provider? What did they had to say for this problem?
    10-18-16 02:49 AM
  6. Shakti007's Avatar
    Hey anup. I have an idea, though not sure of its success. Have u tried loading ur OS thru sachesi, by setting country and ur carrier. I clearly dont blv in them who r saying about tht chip tht is missing inside imported blackberry in india. Its like an joke, coz if tht wud hav been true, then how blend, link, hub, updates working perfectly.
    11-21-16 09:54 PM
  7. princebbq10's Avatar
    same problem is with mine one,and it's annoying
    05-12-17 08:25 PM

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