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    Hi, i have a BlackBerry q10 and it doesnt have the screen rotate feature, i know some of you may think that could be irrelevant because of the square screen size of the Phone, but for example we need it for some android apps. Anyway if some knows how enable auto screen rotate on BlackBerry q10 i apreciate your help.

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    06-21-15 04:58 PM
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    It's not possible on a Q10. On a Passport, yes. However, please give me example of an Android app that needs this in order to work. I'd like to know. On a Q10, using an Android app, it is possible to swipe down from the top and change the display to rectangular, which in most cases will enable the app to run.

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    06-21-15 05:03 PM
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    Well for example for sony or kodak cam lens we need a android app and it doesnt work properly because q10 cant enable auto screen rotate, but it seems is a software issue (not a hardware problem) because BlackBerry q10 has acelerometer for screen rotate. Am i wrong?

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    06-21-15 05:31 PM
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    It's a square screen device so there is no screen rotation built into the OS for the device.

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    06-21-15 05:37 PM

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