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    I closed auto update time zone of my Q5 because Turkey decided not to change it's time. So, I set my device time manually. However, time that I receive emails are still 1 hour earlier than it is sent. How can I change time of emails received in the Hub? It is annoying to see emails below down my calls and other communication just because of this. Interestingly, email received time is right at the Blend. Help please

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    10-31-16 12:10 PM
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    Check the time zone of your email account -- Gmail, outlook.com, etc. That could be it.
    10-31-16 12:54 PM
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    Email receive time is fine with my laptop and Iphone. Even with BlackBerry Blend, email time is fine. I double checked the email accounts from setting-accounts of Q5 but there is nothing to do about time set.

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    10-31-16 01:31 PM

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