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  1. shujjahaider's Avatar
    I have Blackberry Q10 since 2016. Previously I would simply add my Gmail account and all my emails, contacts and calendar would sync easily.

    What have been tried already:
    1. Just recently I am trying to input Gmail or outlook, Mails are syncing but for contacts it ends up giving error.

    2. Also tried CardDav option to input Gmail details but still not syncing.

    3. Blackberry Content Transfer too not working. It ends up finished without transferring anything.

    4. Exported Contacts from google contacts to VCF/CSV file and used "ContactsImEx"application to transfer contacts to my phone. Now all contacts are appearing in the contacts application of Q10 but not in the phone application. No contact name appears if a call is received or dialed. Also the contacts appearing in the Contacts application of Q10, there is no option to dial a call or send a message.

    5. Also i have tried updating OS using bootloader and currently it is running

    Any help will highly be appreciated.


    I got it working by:

    1. turning on access to less secure apps from my Google Security Settings.
    2. removed already added "blackberry Hub services"from third party access.
    3. removing all accounts from Blackberry settings.
    4. Adding new account to Blackberry without selecting contacts.
    5. now Again add a new account>advanced>carddav. Give details and in the server settings, https://www.googleapis.com/.well-known/carddav

    Done. The settings accepted and the contacts started to sync immediately.
    Last edited by shujjahaider; 03-28-19 at 03:36 PM. Reason: found solution with few tricks
    03-28-19 12:59 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Also tried CardDav option to input Gmail details but still not syncing.
    Did you try following this: https://forums.crackberry.com/ask-qu.../#post13369540
    03-28-19 02:15 PM
  3. shujjahaider's Avatar
    Yes I tried that. The 2nd point in my try, it was following this guide but it still says unexpected error occured and account not being added in CardDav.
    03-28-19 02:51 PM
  4. shujjahaider's Avatar
    I found a solution and posted in the Edit of my question.

    thank you.
    03-28-19 03:39 PM

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